Isn’t Social media enough?

Every business should have a website. In fact a website is just as important as a “brick and mortar” location when it comes to legitimizing a business’s existence. The cleaner and more finely tuned your business’s website is, the higher your profile will be with popular search engines such as Google & Bing. Social media (Facebook/Twitter/Linked In/etc.) is a great way to give your audience immediate updates regarding your business. i.e. Special Events, Sales, Promotions. Social media should also be used to drive your audience to your website to learn the “the rest of the story” about your business.

NWDN Online Marketing GuideWhat’s “the rest of the story?” you ask.  A good website reflects you and your business.  It can be a retail site where products can be show cased and sold i.e. a “Shopping Cart”.  A good website can be a Blog that you maintain providing testimonials on your product or service. The site could include video content providing up to date information, help or product demonstrations and a slide show.  A good website could also combine all of the elements with a Blog and a “Shopping Cart”.  Your site should include external links to the social media you regularly use. Your site should also include external links to any professional or charitable organizations you belong to or endorse. i.e. Better Business Bureau, AAA, Salvation Army. In short your site should reflect your business and provide a kind of a one stop shopping with a call to action.

If you don’t have a website or are relying on another resource for your web presence like many network-marketing businesses do. You should contact us. We can review your web presence and if needed refine your message. If you haven’t updated your web site in the last two years it’s probably time for a makeover.  Our consultation is free.  We want to help you succeed.

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