Northwest Data Networks encourages the use of WordPress.  It can be a great way to get a full featured site for your hobby or business inexpensively, thanks to the large number of premade templates available on the market.  It can also be a great framework to build a fantastic custom site upon as well.

NWDN WordPress TutorialEither way if you’re new to WordPress it can be a little overwhelming at first due to the fact that WordPress is very powerful and comes with a LOT of buttons.

To address this we’ve created a short series of videos designed for the brand new WordPress user to help make sense of the more important parts of the tool on their first day on WordPress.  We hope this is the beginning of many tutorial videos to come. You can also find these on YouTube.


Part 1: Basic Features

Part 2: How to upload pictures

Part 3: Create & edit a page

Part 4: Create your first blog post

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