What IS “IT support”

IT Support is supposed to be your technology partner, helping your business reach the next level. Does your current IT source:

  • work to increase the efficiency of your technology and reliability of your systems?
  • help you better reach your customers and operate at a reasonable cost?
  • provide you exceptional customer service?
  • put systems in place to prevent disasters and plan for the future?

Do you avoid calling your IT partner due to skyrocketing IT bills?
Do you really have IT Support?

We offer you a new choice

The Old Way

  • Also known as “Break/Fix”
  • Onsite or remote services billed hourly
  • Preventive Maintenance billed hourly
  • Consultation billed hourly

The New Way – NWDN Support Plans

We offer support plans to businesses too small to afford a full IT department, but still in need of business class IT services. Our support plans cover the core services that all businesses need, and can include more services like web hosting, hardware-as-a-service, software training and more.

Our core support plans include:

Data Security – Protection against intrusion, mal-ware, and viruses. Anti-virus software is provided for all workstations and servers.

Data Protection – With disaster prevention planning be ready to recover from the worst if it ever happens. Off-site data backup is included.

Preventive Maintenance – Our engineers will remotely provide preventive maintenance on all your computers remotely without disturbing your staff.

Access to Expertise – Time allotted with our engineers to use for on-site or remote repairs, upgrades, planning and consultation.