So you are getting into blogging and want to save a little time?  Auto-posting your new blog posts on Facebook can save a little time for you.  Here’s a video showing you how to make that happen quick and painless, and best of all FREE.

We’re going to show you how to setup your Facebook to automatically posts when you create a blog post.  I’m going to set it up for one of our websites,

Basically what you are going to do is log into your Facebook account, type into the search bar RSS GRAFFITI and go to the apps page that comes up.  Once you get there it will show you a button that says ‘Go To App’ and it asks you for permissions to manage your Facebook.  Click OK

That brings you to a page where it lets you ‘add a new publishing plan.’  Go ahead and add a new publishing plan, type in the name you want to call your plan for your refernce.  Next comes up a pop-up asking for sources.  Enter the URL of your WordPress site and it will automatically find the feed for your site.  If you are using another platform for your site you may have to manually type in your feed URL, which your webmaster should be able to provide.  Then click add source.

Next you will give the feed a title, and leave the source fields blank here.  You may select some options in the scheduling section, to tell the app how many times a day to update your facebook if you are writing a lot of posts, as well as how many posts to make at once and whether to publish the newest or oldest posts first.

Under the advanced options tab I would suggest selecting ‘same as items title,’ but you can put in a static text instead if you like.

When you are happy with all your options, click save.  Now you will see your publishing plan that is now ready to go.  Click the toggle in the middle to turn it to ‘on’ and it will then bring up another popup asking for the target fanpage to post to.  Choose the correct fanpage for the target, and it will let you choose to post as that fanpage or post as your own personal user.  I generally recommend to post as that fanpage.  You can play around with the post styles and the preview area at the bottom will show you an example for how it will look when it makes a post.

Click save changes and you should be good to go!  Now go post to your blog.

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