Your data is important. There are many ways to lose your data and one way to keep it safe. You must keep multiple copies. An ideal backup system will include a backup at your location as well as offsite data backups. Without offsite backups you are susceptible to fire, floor, theft, and more.
We recommend two backup solutions:

NWDN Business Class Backups:
Stored on servers here in Portland, our business class backups keep multiple copies of your important data. Multiple copies are important in case you your corrupted current data overwrites your most recent backup. Having your offsite backups located locally also allows for quicker restoration and greater accountability. Get NWDN Business Class Backups for as little as $10/month.
Based in India, Carbonite offers good consumer grade backups. This is perfect to backup your family photos and other data not critical for a business. Carbonite begins at $6/month.