Building Your Brand BlogI gave an impromptu presentation on QR Codes and their uses in business when a thought occurred to me.  Anyone who has heard me probably doesn’t realize that much of the time my outlined topic of discussion leads to questions that inspire my next presentation. This lead me to ask the question “What is your most important asset right now?” A few people answered “My house”, “My IRA” or “My business assets”. The correct answer is “You.” You are your brand. People connect with brands everyday Nike, Betty Crocker, NBC. Take it one step further though and realize that your name is a brand. Let’s see you probably know the name Kardashian. As polarizing as this name is the family branded themselves using television, product placement and the use of websites, tabloids and social media for better or worse we all can probably associate something with the name Kardashian.

You can brand yourself and manage your image and you don’t need a publicist to do it. If you’re working for a company do not rely on them to build your brand. If you work in a heavily regulated industry that won’t allow certain types of advertising such as Financial Investment advisors or insurance you can still build your brand and stay within legal guidelines.

Trevors Snowboard BlogA perfect example you are a financial advisor working with stocks and securities. Obviously you can’t offer advice on a website or through the use of social media. However your company probably gave you a business email address and you probably have a “Linked In” business profile. These two things will come up in search engines such as Google and Bing. However if you want to maximize your ability to be found, why not start a blog on your favorite hobby? If you love snowboarding for example start a blog using WordPress. Add pictures and content with your posts. Don’t mention your work or your company. Promote your blog via social media twitter, Youtube, Facebook. Maybe create a custom QR code that promotes your blog and post it on a separate business card that says simply “Trevor’s Snowboarding Adventures”.

As your audience grows people will associate you as the “Expert” in your hobby. They’ll want to chat with you. People prefer to do business with people they like and identify with. Your name will rise to the top of search engines as both a financial advisor and a Snowboarder. As you grow your presence with your blog and social media Brand “U” becomes more and more important. Manage it carefully. Keep your blog and social media up to date with the latest photos and stories. Include pictures and tips with your posts that will keep your audience wanting more.

Contact us if you need help with your social media or setting up a blog. We love to help.

Rob Wessels

New Business Development

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