e-commerce Shopping Carts & web designIn part I of this article we touched on the advantages and components of a well-designed commerce site. Today we’re going to touch on how to make your site competitive. When putting together a commerce site you should have a few other components in place already. Social media is an important part of any business. You can use social media such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and even YouTube to drive customers towards your commerce site to discover new products and special sales events.

Word of caution here though.  Don’t take on more than you can handle. If Facebook and Twitter is all you can keep up with and keep up to date with fresh content then only take those on. The last thing you want is to have one leg of social media out of date with old retail prices or out of stock items. This will jeopardize your legitimacy in the market place and frustrate potential customers.

Prominently display your social media buttons on your commerce site. People love to spread the word on a great product or service. Let them help you. YouTube is a very handy tool to utilize as a customer service/sales driver. For example you could provide helpful hints on assembly or proper use of your products. This in turn would cut down your number of customer service calls and increase customer satisfaction. People gather information using many different avenues. Some are exclusively into Twitter while others utilize Facebook, YouTube or Google+. Whichever social media you choose, keep your page vibrant and current with the latest news on your business.

Consider starting a Blog site. A Blog Site is great tie-in to your retail site because you can engage customers more in depth with exclusive product reviews and tutorials. This is another opportunity to include a You-Tube channel as people can have the opportunity to view your product in a different light. You could for example provide a sign-up on your Blog for helpful tips and hints.

Another key component is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are a number of companies out there touting their abilities to drive traffic to your site. Use your critical eye before you decide to work with an SEO provider. Look at their website. Does it look professional and current? If their site looks derivative and template driven rather than smooth and efficient they probably can’t provide you with the service you deserve.

Are they based in the US?  Many SEO providers are based outside the United States. When it comes to commerce and business you need a provider that understands your language and your market needs. Otherwise you may find your site tied into unrelated or inappropriate products. Finally does the SEO provide you with easy to understand statistics and analytics to help you fine tune your site and its message? They should, and they should do it monthly.

We actually provide an SEO service for our customers that meets the needs of today’s business leaders.  Choosing an SEO provider is a really a matter of trust and results. If you believe that you have good SEO provider whose results are providing you value, stick with them. If you find yourself questioning your SEO performance after reading this article, we should talk.

Rob Wessels/Epic Design Labs/Northwest Data Networks



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