Cash RegisterOver the last year you’ve seen us touch upon social media, Blogging and building your brand. Today we want to help you take your business to the next level. I’m talking about commerce sites. Commerce websites allow showing and selling of your products on-line. These websites can generate thousands of dollars in some cases tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars of income.

There are a number of different options you can use when developing a commerce site. Some people use E-Bay or similar type retail service sites. The problem is that your site will look like everyone else’s because they are template driven. The pictures of your product are usually homogenized, poorly sized and not very flattering. If you have a hot seller you may find yourself lumped in with dozens or even hundreds of other competitors constantly under cutting your price point. Worse yet some of the commerce service sites may choose to sell your product at a more competitive price themselves. The other issue is cost per transaction typical E-Bay type sites take between 12 to 15% of each transaction.

Over time you’ll find yourself losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars with the compounded fees associated with this business model.  Combining high fees and low prices is a great way to make no money.

Snow Plow Bug


The ideal option is to build your own custom site. This way, you can control your content and more importantly, your BRAND. You can control the way your products are displayed and how your transactions are handled. A well designed commerce site should be easy to use and the transactions should be easy to understand and complete. You should also include links to your social media, YouTube channel and your Blog (You are blogging aren’t you?). A lot of people try using variations or “Plug-in” commerce programs based on frameworks like WordPress, or some other variation.

WordPress is a great Blog architecture in fact over 20% of all Blogs use WordPress. However the problem lies in the fact that these Blog architectures are just not designed to be shopping carts. Technically you can put a snowplow on a VW Bug, but you probably won’t get very far.  The case is in the same in trying to make WordPress function as a shopping cart.  It’s just missing a lot of features and the plugins are neither consistent enough nor professional grade.

WordPress is an “Open Source” code based program. This means anyone can contribute plugins etc and results may vary. This is a great thing for WordPress diversity, but your store is not worth gambling on to find out if your cart plugin works or doesn’t work.  Most of them don’t. Don’t spend your time and money advertising a faulting shopping cart site. Your business deserves to be done right from the start.

Our commerce sites are based on a proprietary framework written and developed in the United States. With 24 hour English speaking customer service and a very user friendly back office built into the website. We can teach you to maintain your site on your own. If time is a constraint we can even maintain it for you for a low monthly cost.

Ready to get started?  Call us at 971-226-9330

(Next up- What do I need to do to make my commerce site competitive?)

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